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The Beauty of a Rose Garden

Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m assuming you, like me, think roses are amongst the most beautiful of flowers. My name is Willow May, and my rose garden is my greatest passion. I wanted to write a blog that will help inspire and educate others on the beauty of rose gardens. My rose garden is vast, about an acre in size. I have rose bushes, hybrid roses, trellises with gorgeous climbing roses, mini roses, and more. I am going to share growing tips such as the best time to plant your roses, pruning methods, watering, and feeding. I've also learned what the best growing conditions are as far as sunlight, drainage, and soil types. I hope that reading my blog will help you on your way to having a lovely fragrant rose garden of your own.


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5 Reasons to Visit a Pumpkin Patch in the Fall

Celebrating the seasons can be fun and exciting. It makes each season special and it can give you something to look forward to doing. When fall rolls around, it can be exciting to spend time at a pumpkin patch. This is an activity that you can enjoy on your own, as a couple, or as a family. If you're looking for something fun to do, here are some reasons you should visit a pumpkin patch in the fall:

Enjoy the Outdoors

As the weather gets colder, it can be easy to make excuses and stay inside. But, you want to take advantage of the ability to spend time outdoors before winter hits. Visiting a pumpkin patch is the perfect outdoor adventure.

Pick Out Your Own Pumpkins

This is the perfect place to pick out your own pumpkins. It can be a lot more fun than buying any old pumpkin at the store. At a pumpkin patch, there is a lot more variety. Plus, you have to go looking for the perfect pumpkin. You'll be all set for your fall displays and fall recipes once you visit a pumpkin patch.

Support a Local Business

This is also a great way to support a local business in your area. Pumpkin patches are usually run by farmers. They put a lot of work into the seasonal adventure and they help to keep their business afloat with this kind of seasonal venture. You'll be helping a small business continue to thrive by visiting a pumpkin patch. 

It's Fun for Kids and Families

This is an excellent activity for kids and families. If you're looking for a way to get your kids excited about the fall season, this is it. Pumpkin patches often have activities for the little ones like pumpkin painting, corn mazes, and photo opportunities. This will make for a memorable day to spend with the ones you love.

Enjoy Festive Treats

Pumpkin patches have a lot more than just pumpkins. They often sell festive treats! You can enjoy all the hot cocoa, apple cider, donuts, and caramel popcorn that you want. If you like fall-themed snacks, you're going to love spending time at a pumpkin patch.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to visit a pumpkin patch this fall. If you want to make your fall season more exciting, be sure to plan a weekend adventure at a local pumpkin patch.