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The Beauty of a Rose Garden

Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m assuming you, like me, think roses are amongst the most beautiful of flowers. My name is Willow May, and my rose garden is my greatest passion. I wanted to write a blog that will help inspire and educate others on the beauty of rose gardens. My rose garden is vast, about an acre in size. I have rose bushes, hybrid roses, trellises with gorgeous climbing roses, mini roses, and more. I am going to share growing tips such as the best time to plant your roses, pruning methods, watering, and feeding. I've also learned what the best growing conditions are as far as sunlight, drainage, and soil types. I hope that reading my blog will help you on your way to having a lovely fragrant rose garden of your own.


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3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Remodel More Affordable

From creating a space you always dreamed about to adding style and value, remodeling your bathroom can be a great project to consider. Unfortunately, without proper planning and budgeting, your remodel can turn into an overwhelming and expensive project. Thankfully, you can reap the benefits of a remodel without spending a fortune. Here are a few tips to make your bathroom remodeling project more affordable.

Consider a Minor Remodel

As a homeowner, you have the option of changing all or some aspects of your bathroom. If you want to completely reconfigure the space while replacing all cabinets, floors, and fixtures, you will need to invest in a complete remodel. On the other hand, if you want to update parts of your bathroom, you can undergo a minor remodel.

Fortunately, even a mid-range bathroom remodel can add appeal and value to your home. On average, this type of remodel can offer you an estimated 70 percent return on your investment. While it may not create a space worthy of the rich and famous, a mid-range bathroom remodel can include updating tile and fixtures to create a more attractive, modern, and valuable space.

Do the Demo

No matter what type of remodel you choose, there will be a good amount of demolition involved. In most cases, remodeling contractors will charge you by the hour or by the overall job, which will include the time and labor needed for the demolition process.

During demo, old fixtures, cabinets, tile, flooring, and other accessories will need to be removed before the new elements can be installed. Demo is a messy and time-consuming process, but it is definitely something you can do on your own.

By completing the demo yourself, you can reduce the cost of your bathroom remodel.

It is important that you use caution, though, during your demo. Avoid using excess force around plumbing fixtures and pipes, since too much force can lead to damaged pipes and extensive water leaks.

Also, wear protective gear, such as work gloves, boots, eye goggles, and a respirator mask during the demo phase. This gear will protect you from wood splinters, glass shards, dust, mold, and other allergens.

Reclaim and Upcycle When Possible

A large part of your remodeling budget will go towards new fixtures and materials. New plumbing fixtures, cabinets, vanities, mirrors, and tile can be expensive even though it will enhance the appeal and value of your bathroom.

Thankfully, using reclaimed materials and upcycling certain items can help you save money during your remodel. In addition, reclaiming and upcycling items can reduce the amount of waste in landfills, making this part of your remodel eco-friendly.

To get started, visit your local Habitat for Humanity reStore for different materials that were donated by others. Donated flooring supplies, cabinets, tile, mirrors, vanities, and even paint can be purchased at a very low price, allowing you to update your bathroom in an affordable, eco-friendly manner.

If you need a new vanity, think outside the traditional vanities sold in home improvement stores and use an old piece of furniture. An old dresser can be turned into a bathroom vanity using top-mounted sinks, new hardware, and a fresh coat of paint.

Instead of replacing your sink and tub faucets and showerheads, apply a fresh coat of paint to update their look. A coat of paint is best only if your faucets and showerheads are newer in age, but you want to change the finish to match the rest of the bathroom's new design.

You can update your bathroom without breaking the bank. These simple solutions will allow you to remodel your bathroom without experiencing financial distress.