The Beauty of a Rose GardenThe Beauty of a Rose Garden

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The Beauty of a Rose Garden

Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m assuming you, like me, think roses are amongst the most beautiful of flowers. My name is Willow May, and my rose garden is my greatest passion. I wanted to write a blog that will help inspire and educate others on the beauty of rose gardens. My rose garden is vast, about an acre in size. I have rose bushes, hybrid roses, trellises with gorgeous climbing roses, mini roses, and more. I am going to share growing tips such as the best time to plant your roses, pruning methods, watering, and feeding. I've also learned what the best growing conditions are as far as sunlight, drainage, and soil types. I hope that reading my blog will help you on your way to having a lovely fragrant rose garden of your own.


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The Ultimate Guide When Purchasing New Countertops

Countertops are an important aspect of your kitchen's aesthetics and function. If they're outdated or falling apart, you have many great replacement options. Choosing the right type doesn't have to be that difficult if you keep this guide in mind. 

Resale Value

Before you decide on a particular material or style for your countertops, it's important to keep in mind your home's resale value. After all, you may not plan on living in your home forever and having countertops that are popular with a lot of home buyers makes your property easier to sell.

Try to avoid selecting countertops with crazy colors and patterns. Instead, try finding something that is simple and evergreen. Some of the simpler, yet attractive, countertop options today include quartz, granite, stone, and Corian. Keep in mind that the more money you invest into your countertops, the more valuable your home will be when placed on the market.


If you're like most people with a day job, you probably don't have a lot of time to clean your countertops. As such, you need to choose a countertop type that's relatively easy to keep clean and maintain over the years.

There are some great options worth considering, such as engineered stone. This material is bound by a polymer resin, which makes it non-porous. You therefore don't have to worry about stains or scratches affecting your countertop's surface in the slightest. Modern laminate is another material that's easy to keep clean since it's stain-proof. Other great options include zinc, lava stone, and EcoTop.  


A huge factor that can dictate what countertops you ultimately go with is price. If you're on a tight budget, you might want to go with a more affordable option like laminate countertops. Advanced printing techniques give you plenty of laminate design choices to select from, that all feature a premium look. Concrete is another affordable material choice for countertops today and it's extremely easy to find.

If, however, your budget is not that limited and you can afford to spend more, consider glass countertops. They have such a striking luster and are perfect if you're looking for a modern look in the kitchen. Granite and quarts are also great options in terms of aesthetics and durability, if you can afford the extra costs. 

Purchasing beautiful stone countertops or laminate finishes for your kitchen doesn't have to be time-consuming or stressful. You just need to assess certain features that will impact your life and the kitchen the most.