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The Beauty of a Rose Garden

Thank you for stopping by my website. I’m assuming you, like me, think roses are amongst the most beautiful of flowers. My name is Willow May, and my rose garden is my greatest passion. I wanted to write a blog that will help inspire and educate others on the beauty of rose gardens. My rose garden is vast, about an acre in size. I have rose bushes, hybrid roses, trellises with gorgeous climbing roses, mini roses, and more. I am going to share growing tips such as the best time to plant your roses, pruning methods, watering, and feeding. I've also learned what the best growing conditions are as far as sunlight, drainage, and soil types. I hope that reading my blog will help you on your way to having a lovely fragrant rose garden of your own.


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Stone And Concrete Fireplace Inserts

Instead of using wood or metal, many people look to stones such as marble or granite to frame their fireplace. The appearance of brick, granite, cobblestone, jasper, jade, or any other stone can add a strong, refined look to any hearth while being less of a fire risk.

Here are a few stone fireplace and chimney options, along with a few technical issues to consider if you want a more modern system.

Stone Fireplace Insert Options

Traditional hearth styles often involve masonry inserts incorporating brick or cobblestone. Since fire inserts have solid or liquid fuel sources that can be bought and attached or a connector, there's no need for a chimney, which means you can either embellish the chimney design to create dream chimney ideas without being practical, or ignore the chimney completely. Tradition and innovation can come together with this level of flexibility.

For custom masonry insert chimneys, the mantle/top surface of the fireplace needs to be stabilized. This involves making sure that your wall isn't load-bearing and can be built into, or that your wall will be sturdy enough to withstand the burden of a few bricks.

Remote Control Fireplace Concerns

No matter the material or traditional style, every modern fireplace can be remote controlled. That said, the convenience comes with a few problems that exist in all modern technology, and remotes are no exception.

Make sure that the batteries are fully charged, and that your latest battery change did not knock the batteries loose. If you don't want to constantly change and throw out batteries, consider switching to rechargeable batteries. Getting a rechargeable battery supply and charger is better for the environment, and will cut down on the number of times you need to order batteries.

Order enough batteries for 2 or 3 replacements. This will allow you to put the batteries into the charger and place fresh batteries into your remote, with another set to spare in case something went wrong with the charging.

If your remote has been dropped, make sure that the casing is secure. The batteries could be loose from not only their insertion point, but the control board inside the remote. Firmly press the controller together, but do not twist. This can clasp the plastic connectors together.

Any buttons attached to the remote can cause problems if the remote has been broken apart before. Make sure that all buttons are level, and not pulled out of their place. It is common for rubber or silicon buttons to slide from their positions if the remote is dropped hard enough.

Contact a granite and general stone material professional, like one from Granite & Marble Depot Inc, to discuss custom fireplace stacks, or to get  a fireplace suggestion that fits your aesthetics.